Basic Herbalism 101

         This is a basic herb class focusing on safe and effective herbs to support health from childhood to elders. Learn the basics of herb preparation and meet 5 herbs that can help support health in the gentlest of ways.


Herbal first aid

         Herbal allies that can help us when life does not go as planned. Learn locally growing and easily accessible plants that help out when the going gets rough, Make a remedy to take home!


Herbs for Women’s Health        

          Women have relied on plant medicine to help ease them through life for thousands of years. Learn how plants can assist you as you glide through the many stages of your life as a woman. You’ll make a remedy to take home!


 Herbal remedy making        

         Learn about the different types of herbal remedies available for you to make at home. We will discuss which preparation is best for each plant, how to make them and you will make a remedy to take home. Tinctures, infusions, glycerites, salves, oils, vinegars, honeys, and more will be discussed and sampled.


Herbs for well being and being well.

          Learn how to incorporate herbs into your daily routine for optimum nutrition and health. We’ll touch on herbs that help the body function at its best while providing gentle nourishment to both body and spirit.


 Love your Liver        

          In this class, we will learn about herbs that support optimum liver functioning. The liver is the body’s filter and a healthy liver can give you years and years of healthy functioning. You’ll make a remedy to take home.


Stress and anxiety.

          Let’s face it. Modern life is stressful.  Bills, rent, health care, family care, all this in our information crammed culture can leave even a Zen master feeling wrung out and on edge.

 Learn how herbs can help put the thrill in your chill. Herbs for relaxation, optimum nerve health and calm will be shared. You will make a remedy to take home.


Herbs for beauty

         Healthy skin is a beautiful thing. In this class, we will experience the ways herbs can bring beauty into our lives through skin care and other sensual delights. Experience herbal steams, masks, lotions, and balms made from plants that can help make you feel beautiful inside and out. Limit of 6 participants


A little bit medicine, a little bit of liquid delight works up to a whole lot of fun from Mother Nature. We well learn to make cordials from fruits, vegetables and herbals that will delight your guests and spark your digestion. Limit 6 participants.

Herbal classes are $150+ any ingredient cost ( Liquor class you provide the alcohol and the fresh fruits, I provide jars and dried herbs) for Up to 10 participants.