Soap Classes 

Basic Classes​

Basic Cold Process Soap Demo

  Learn the basics on making Cold Process soap. Get a little history, learn a little chemistry and watch as Sylett makes soap. You will take home a basic soap making hand-out and a sample of cold process soap to use. $10 per perspn, no size limit

Hands on  Cold Process Soapmaking class

 Make your very own 2# batch of cold process soap. Sylett will guide you through the process of making your very own batch from start to finish. We will cover the history of soap, the chemistry behind it, oil properties, safety, the soaping process, and colors and scents.



Advanced classes​

Hot Process Soap

  This class will teach you how to hot process your soap that will be useable in about an hour. You will make your very own 2# batch in a crock pot as well as discuss the other hot process methods available. We will talk about how to make your soap more fluid, Which additives to add and when to add them, Safety, coloring, molding and scenting and the pros and cons of Hot processing. You will need to bring a crockpot dedicated to soaping to class. (thrift stores are good places to find these.)

Swirling and Design in CP soap

 Learn the basic techniques of coloring your soap. We'll look at different types of colorants and techniques for creating beautiful soap Make you own 2# masterpiece!.

Milk Soap CP

 Make your own 2# batch of soap using Milk! We'll discuss various milks and the properties they add to soap and how they need to be handled to create a luxurious bar of soap.

Beer, Wine and Alternative liquids

We'll make beer soap using a local favorite and discuss other liquids you can use to make soap! Take home your very own 2# batch!

Liquid Soap, Glycerin Method

 Learn this easy method of creating your very own liquid soap. We'll talk about the difference in making bar and liquid soaps, look at a few formulas and make soap to take home! Don't be intimidated by liquid soap, it's easy the glycerin way! You'll take home a 2# batch to dilute.

Hot Process Swirling and design

 Creating designs and swirls in Hot process are a unique challenge. Let's get creative and work with this method to create beautiful soaps

Hot Process Beer Soap

 Beer soap is a fantastically bubbly soap that can be made with any type of beer. We'll discuss using wine and other liquids to make a unique soap. You will take home your own 2# creation!

Herbal Soap CP

 We will combine herb crafting and soap making to create luscious, herbal soaps, full of the goodness of nature. Take home your own 2# herb-filled creation.

Herbal Soap HP

We will combine herb crafting and soap making to create luscious, herbal soaps, full of the goodness of nature. Take home your own 2# herb-filled creation.

Salts scrubs and Bubbles

Complete your bathing retreat with your own bath delights like tub salts, sugar scrubs and bubble bars. You'll choose a project to create.

 All soapmaking classes are $100/person. Please wear closed toed shoes, long sleeves, bring your own goggles and stick blender( check thrift stores). Hot process classes, please bring a small crock pot( check thrift stores) and stick blender.


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