Basic Knife Skills

How to cook Beans

How to cook Greens

How to cook Grains

How to cook Meat

How to put together a vegetarian/vegan or meat based meal

How to put together a soup

How to put together a Keto(meat based) meal

How to make pasta

How to bone a Chicken

Herbal butters, vinaigrettes, mayonaise, Hollandaise and other sauces

Fermentation Kraut, Kimchi, Kombucha, Yogurt and other pickles- $125 for up to 6 no ingredients necessary

Cooking classes are $125 + ingredient costs for up to 6 people. The more you have attend, the lower the per person cost. The 6 person classes are $21 + ingredient cost per person(each participant will bring an ingredient for the group)

I will provide cutting mats and cooking pots and pans. Please bring your own knife, Preferably a 10 inch French knife. Sharpening will be available if needed. Please wear closed toed shoes. Classes can be grouped together to make a meal, for example Basic knife skills+ boning a chicken and composing a soup resulting in a Chicken Noodle soup could be one class, Basic Knife skills, Cooking Beans could be another and so on.