Culinary classes

Basic Knife Skills

Many people dislike cooking but what they don't like is how long it can take to prep for the meal. Proper knife skills can shave time off of food preparation, make your prep time more efficient and prevent injury. Learn proper cutting techniques for vegetables and meats. We'll make a soup to share.

How to cook beans-Pick 2

How to cook grains-Pick 2

how to cook greens-Pick 2

how to compose a soup-Pick a vegan or meat based soup

How to put together a vegetarian/vegan/meat based meal

Keto (meat based) cooking

How to make pasta

How to bone a chicken

Herbal butters, Vinaigrettes, Mayonaise, Hollandaise and other sauces

Fermentation-Kraut, Kimchi, Kombucha and more

Cooking classes are $125 + ingredient cost(spread out amongst the participants) UP to 6 people. That makes class $21 + ingredients. I will provide cutting mats and cooking pots. Please bring your own knife, and food storage to transport any leftovers.