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Cold Process Soap

I made CP soap today. I'm test driving a Supermarket soap made from ingredients you can get from a supermarket. Coconut, olive and castor oils in a 60:30:10% ratio with sugar silk and lye. It has been quite a while since I've made any soap, let alone CP as I am a Hot Soap gal. I gathered my equiptment into my teeny tiny space and began the work of Saponification. It's still summer in Texas so my oils were all liquid. I added 2T sugar, a big pinch of silk fibers and water to my container. Notice my warning on my lye container. You really can't be too careful.

Soaping Set up

TO the melted oils I added .5t Pop raspberry Mica from TKB Trading company.

oils and Pop! Mica

Then I stick blended the oils and mica to disperse. I made my lye solution with 2T sugar, the silk fibers and water. I added the lye then had to wait until the mixture cooled to 117 degrees Fahrenheit. I mixed them to trace then poured into my 2# loaf mold.