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Drinkin’ Vinegar!

Drinking vinegars are the basis for a very old fashioned but delicious drink called Shrub. Based on the ancient Persian word Shabbat, these herb and fruit vinegars form the basis of refreshing and intriguing contemporary non alcoholic drinks for happy hour or, they can be used to enhance alcoholic drinks with a bit of the exotic. Shrubs are often made directly with sugar or honey, fruit, herbs and vinegar mixed together for about 2 weeks then strained. I am trying to make a vinegar base then add sweetener of choice right before drinking since i’m diabetic and can’t have honey or sugar yet others in my house CAN have sugar or honey.

These will sit for 2 weeks then i’ll squeeze and strain them and store for up to 2 years. I’ll add sweetener right before i make drinks, using simple syrup or honey or liquid sucralose. I’ve made a Dandelion root vinegar that i love on a hot day. It’s full of liver loving minerals and so refreshing to drink. I’ll be teaching about these delights in September and October so stay tuned!

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