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Kombucha and Kefir after the move.

Well, I'm back after our move from Dallas to Allen TX. I'm happy to report that all the weird shit I had in jars made the move without incident. Storage in this house is more limited than in the old house so I am still figuring out the best place to store my stash. Since my last post I have made several herbal oils, some Motherwort tincture and Kombucha and Kefir.

First, here is a plantain oil steeping away. This is fresh plantain leaves (Plantago Major) I bought from Pacific Botanicals steeped in olive oil I got from Costco. This will be great for the itchies I get on my back and bug bites and ant bites we get down here in Texas. It is also really wonderful to soothe the itch of haemorroids.

Next up  I have Fresh Motherwort in 100 Proof alcohol. I don't have Motherwort ( Leonurus Cardiaca) growing near me so again I purchased mine from Pacific Botanicals . This tincture is a heart supportive, anxiety calming wonder elixir. I use the flowering tops and upper stalks and let them steep for at least 6 weeks. Then I'll bottle this up and use like Rescue Remedy for anxiety. All the members of my household suffer from excessive anxiety from time to time so I am really happy to have this plant at my disposal.

My most recent exploits have been making Kombucha tea and milk kefir again. I first had both of these funky foods at The Wise Woman Center run by the amazing Susun Weed in 1994. Kombucha is a effervescent drink made by fermenting sweetened tea using this nasty looking blobby thing called