Milk Kefir!

Milk Kefir!  For my next installment of jarred weirdness I present to you a dairy delight. Fermented milk kefir. I was introduced to this elixir again by Susun Weed in 1994. She had these things called Tara or Tibetan Mushrooms sitting in this thick, viscous jar of goats milk.  After straining out the grains as they are called she poured me a small glass of the tart, sour stuff. It glided down my throat with a slight effervescence. It tickled my nose and I burped and fell head over heels in love. I'm a dairy hound anyway and this new way to get my lactose fix had me over the moon. I believe that diary can be a good human food for many people. Some react poorly to it but many can process it just fine and get great benefit from it's nutritional profile. I can't drink fluid cows milk straight but I can drink goats milk and cultured cow milk products just fine. Milk kefir really tastes great to me and has so much to offer health wise. After leaving Susun with a gift of grains I fermented them at home for quite some time until either they got thrown out by accident or pitched when we moved. I was still curious about kefir so I did some research. This was the dawn of the internet, the days of groups and spider searches so it took me some time to find what I was looking for but find it I did. I found the MOTHERLODE of information about Kefir in the webpages of one Dom or Dominic N Anfiteatro, a Kefir Guru from Down Under. This was about 1999 and I had found a man obsessed. His love of kefir had produced the most comprehensive site of information on the stuff ever collected. Dom's site was the go to place for information about kefir. History, Cultural relevance, recipes, techniques were all collected on Dom's site. He also had links to find folks to share grains around the world. I could repeat what I found but that would deny you the delight of perusing his pages. It ha