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Mullein Chai to the rescue!

Well we all got hit with the Rona. All three of us were down with the sickness for about a week. I highly dis recommend COVID 19. THe headache! The body aches and joint pain. The sore throat and cough, that deep bronchial cough. And the fatigue. The bone-crushing, soul-crushing fatigue. We all hunkered down, the old folks got the Anti virals and 2 of us got better within a week. One of the olds however is still in the throes of COVID. So I decided it was time to bust out the herbal helpers. Nourishing Herbal Infusions are on board to help with the fatigue and provide nutrients and nourishment for healing the virus' aftermath. But for the cough something more specific is needed. Time to bring in the mullein infusion. Mullein is specific for lung problems. It has been used to aid those with deep coughs and even pneumonia. Mullein is a mild tasting plant but at infusion strength it has a deep flavor with a hint of spice at the end so I made a chai to help flavor the infusion and make the brew easier to drink. Some folks say that the milk will increase mucus production but I have found that milk does not make me more snotty. In fact, when I can get raw milk I notice a profound soothing of my mucous membranes from consuming it. At any rate, I break out this Chai when a lung based illness comes to call. I drink this freely, up to 4 cups a day when feeling bad. I notice relief in about 36 hours.

Mullein Chai

Mullein infusion.

1 oz dried mulllein leaf

1 Qt boiling water

Place mullein in Qt mason jar. It will fill up most of the jar. That's ok.

Pour boiling water over mullein to fill jar up to top. Cap and let sit for 4 hours.

Strain mullein from liquid. I use a nut milk bag and squeeze really hard to get everything out.

Then, pour the mullein infusion through a coffee filter to strain out the tiny fuzzy hairs that cover the plant.These can irritate your throat if left in.

Set this infusion aside.

Spiced Milk.

1QT milk (Raw if available and safe)

1T cinnamon chips or 2 sticks.

2T fennel seed

4 slices fresh ginger root

1 vanilla bean or vanilla extract

1 oz astragalus root slices

4 cloves

Combine ingredients and bring to a gentle simmer for 15-20 min making sure it does not boil over. Stir occasionally to keep the bottom from scorching.

Let milk cool to room temp.

Combine mullein infusion and spiced milk including the spices in a container.

Strain out spices when pouring chai to drink. Sweeten as you wish.

This will keep for about 4 days refrigerated. Drink warm or cold, up to a Qt a day.

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