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My friend, Purslane.

I've moved to Delaware. I miss Texas but I'm getting settled in my new old home. One thing I have here in Delaware is seasons. 4 distinct seasons. Fall is peeking around the corner as summer begins to let her vice grip of heat and humidity fall. There are familiar herby friends outside my front door. The first one I noticed was Purslane. Portulaca oleracea. This low lying fleshy little plant is a powerhouse of nutrition and grows freely in my new ag zone, 7a. Purslane has the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids of any land based plant and those omega 3's help protect the heart and blood vessels, it's high mineral count helps the bones and muscles, it's rich in beta carotene and antioxidants

vitamin A and vitamin C. And it is delicious and easy to prepare. It has a lemony tart taste while raw and mellows to a mild, green taste when sauteéd with garlic or cooked in an omelette.

Here is a salad I made up using the purslane in my front yard. Free food is fun food!

Italian Purslane salad

2C purslane

1 med tomato chopped

2-3 T kalamata olives

1T capers

1T Balsamic vinegar

2T olive oil

Salt, cracked pepper

mix all vegetables together. Add vinegar and oil, toss. Salt and Pepper to taste.

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