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Red Drink. Drinkin with the Ancestors.

Hibiscus sabdariffa is a plant indigenous to Western Africa and comes to the Americas via the Atlantic Slave trade. It forms the basis of a red drink that is popular all over the American African diasporia. WHen I was a kid, we had red Kool-aid at all our reunions. However in Jamaica, the Hibiscus plant adapted to the similar climate as it's native land and was the taste of home enjoyed by the enslaved people of the area. Jamacians combined the hibiscus with allspice, ginger and rum for this refreshing drink. I am recreating this drink with hibiscus flowers, allspice berries and fresh ginger root in Vodka because I didn't have any rum on hand. I'll sweeten this as it is been g drunk with either a simple syrup for the masses or liquid sucralose for those with challenged pancreases like me. I think that I'll make a strong tea with more dried flowers and add a shot of my red Drank to that tea and put it over ice. I may add lime juice to it as well. Hibiscus is tart and refreshing on a hot day and may also offer support for folks dealing with heart related issues like high blood pressure.

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