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Weekend's work

I was a busy bee this weekend. My rose tinctures were all ready to decant and several other things called out to be tinctured. What you see pictured above from left to right is tumeric tincture, Almond liquor sweetened with Swerve, Slippery Elm Balls and capsules, my Dram d'Amour numero Neun sweetened with sugar and Hibiscus tincture/vodka.

My Dram d'Amour Numero Neun was a big hit at a party I attended over the weekend. This is designed as a love potion intended to enhance sensual experiences. I don't know if that was the case but everyone loved the taste of the potion. It was described as a chocolate covered cherry with a flowery punch at the end. 

Another drink oriented potion I put up this weekend is this Almond liquor sweetened with Swerve. This is going to be for cocktails and sipping instead of strictly medicinal use. Behind the almond brew is a Tumeric tincture. This will be medicine. I'm  new to Tumeric. There were these pretty roots at the store yesterday and I knew that tumeric has medicinal properties including helping reduce inflammation and aches and pains related to arthritis and some positive effect on ones heart so I thought, Why not tincture it? I look forward to learning about this pretty plant in the future.

Here we have some chamomile preparations. The top pix is of a chamomile liquor with honey, chamomile and lemon peel. I'm interested to see how this tastes in about a week. Below is a straight chamomile tincture. I'm looking forward to the gentle, calming effects of this tincture as my family get ready for a big house move.

One Habenero pepper with seeds in here. Steeped until it hurts. In this case steeped 2 days. This is going to be part of my Atomic Margaritas.

This beauty is dried hibiscus in 50% alc. I've left this unsweetened so I can use it in cocktails and explore any of it's medicinal potential. Hibiscus is used as a cooling drink in tropical areas so a tropical cocktail would be medicinal in Dallas TX in July, right?

And these are slippery elm balls, a combination of slippery elm bark powder and honey mixed into a dough and rolled into balls. After I made them into balls I rolled some in more slippery elm powder and some in cocoa powder. These are going to be used by the whole family for soothing sore throats and my favorite use, soothing stomach upsets. I get reflux sometimes and I don't want to use a proton pump inhibitor or other acid inhibitor so I use these babys to sop up the excess acid in my gut and keep it out of my esophagus. My man uses them to calm his very nervous tummy. I like Slippery elm because it stops up those that runneth and makes move those that are stopped up.

Well that's what was going on here this past weekend. What's up with you?

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